Marketing Collateral Requests

This page was created to make it easier for you to place orders for marketing items such as handouts, stationery, swag, banners & other signs. After the form is completely fill out and submitted, it will then be routed to the marketing team. If non-management employee submits request, management approval will be required.


We ask that you give us adequate time to complete all these steps and get your items to you. Price quotes can be obtained upon request.


Please note, that filling out this form is just a request for the marketing team to order items, it is not an actual order. We ask that you fill out the form in its entirety, and accurately. This will help streamline the process for all of us! In addition to the items listed, we are happy to assist with any custom orders you have. Please send a message to for any custom requests or questions.

Valley Wide Cooperative & Valley Ag Marketing Order Directory

Valley Wide Trifolds

A trifold brochure that includes general information about each business unit- energy, agronomy, and retail.

Business Cards

Business cards for Valley Wide and Valley Ag employees; please be sure to include all relevant information for cards. (Name, Job Title, Cellphone Number, Office Phone Number, Address; City, State, Postal code, & Email)

Propane Cylinder Exchange Handouts

Cardstock handout that highlights the benefits of carrying Valley Wide propane at your business.

Valley Wide Event Banners

Indoor/outdoor event banner with all divisions listed. Comes with grommets in all four corners. Standard size is 6′ wide by 3′ high and can be customized.

Pocket Folders

Multi-use folders for energy & Valley Ag- can be customized for another division or purpose.

Energy Door Hangers

Door hangers that detail the different energy offerings we have and the services that we provide. Can be customized.

Large Propane Tank Decals

Large outdoor propane tank decals, for medium & large tanks. Decals are 36″ wide.

Truck Door Decals

Valley Wide and Valley Ag pickup truck decals. Decals are 22″ wide. Please specify which logo you need.

Valley Wide QR Code Stickers

Outdoor stickers with QR code that links back to website (7″ x 4″)

Valley Wide Propane Tank Stickers

Stickers for outgoing propane tanks. Includes logo, phone number, and website. Please let us know if you need to customize any of the information. (7″ x 5″)

Valley Wide/AG Stickers

Valley Wide Cooperative stickers with the website. Can be customized.

Window Clings

Now hiring window cling. Dimensions are 24″ wide by 30″ high.

4-H/FFA Stall Cards

4-H & FFA stall cards that includes information about the exhibitor and their animal.

Fish & Game License Holders

Plastic license holders for Valley Wide Country stores that sell fish & game licenses.

Teardrop Banners (Outdoor)

Now hiring outdoor teardrop banner- can have Valley Wide or Valley Ag logo, please specify which logo you need.


Valley Wide & Ag lanyards. If you would like something different, please specify logo and colors.

Stress Balls- Swag

Propane tank stress balls. We can get stress balls of various shapes. If you want something specific, please let us know shape and what you would like printed on it.

Koozies- Swag

Black Valley Wide koozies. Can be customized, please let us know which logo you would like to use, the text, and colors.

Standard Envelopes

Valley Wide or Valley Ag envelopes. Please specify which logo you need. (9.5″ x 4.25″)

Large Envelopes

Valley Wide or Valley Ag envelopes. Please specify which logo you need. (9″ x 6″)


Bound notebook with lined pages that are perforated for easy removal. Notebook features include a built-in ribbon page marker, a 12-month calendar, elastic book closure, a pen holder, and a small pocket on the inside back cover to hold important documents (notes, business cards, etc.). (8″ H x 6″ W, Pen not included)

Valley Wide Flyer

Platinum Precision Truck Stickers


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