At Valley Wide Cooperative, we understand the importance of the Orchard and Vineyard (O&V) industry and strive to provide top-quality products and services to help orchard and vineyard owners achieve success. Our extensive product line includes trellis materials, pruning supplies, plant protection, post and stake defense, training supplies, reflective film, harvest supplies, and safety equipment. We aim to provide everything a grower needs to maximize their yields and ensure the health of their crops. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist customers in choosing the right products and techniques for their unique needs. At Valley Wide Cooperative, we are committed to helping orchard and vineyard owners achieve their goals and maximize their profitability.


Wood and Steel Posts
Clips and Anchors,

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Picking Bags and Buckets
Bin Tickets

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Shears, Pruners and Snips
Loppers and Hand Saws

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Bamboo and Grow Tubes
Wire, Twine and Tape
Grafting Supplies
Reflective Films

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Valley Wide Cooperative offers high-quality wood posts for orchard and vineyard use, ensuring reliable and sturdy support for trellis systems and promoting the health and longevity of crops.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides durable and weather-resistant wire options for orchard and vineyard operations. Our wire products are reliable and long-lasting, supporting the weight of vines and fruit. With our wire, growers can build sturdy trellis systems that promote healthy and bountiful harvests.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers robust and resilient steel trellis systems, specifically designed for use in orchards and vineyards. Our dependable suppliers guarantee that customers receive enduring materials that can withstand the weight of vines and fruit, making it a trustworthy investment for growers.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides dependable, high-quality anchors specifically designed for orchard and vineyard trellis systems. Our resilient and weather-resistant materials offer sturdy and enduring support for growers, guaranteeing the vitality and yield of their crops.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides durable bamboo poles for orchard and vineyard use. Our carefully sourced bamboo is strong and weather-resistant, with various sizes available for growers to choose from. By buying our bamboo poles, growers can ensure reliable support for their trellis system, promoting healthy crop growth. Trust Valley Wide Cooperative for a confident investment in quality bamboo.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers harvesting buckets and bags designed to efficiently collect fruits in orchards and vineyards without damaging the crop. Our buckets come in different sizes, made of durable plastic or metal with handles for easy carrying, while our bags feature shoulder straps for comfortable use. Both options are suitable for a range of crops, including apples, peaches, grapes, and berries, and are easy to clean, making them a cost-effective choice for harvest season. Choose Valley Wide Cooperative for reliable and efficient harvesting tools.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers a range of harnesses for sale that are manufactured by reputable companies known for producing high-quality safety equipment. Our selection includes harnesses designed for worker safety in orchards and vineyards, with attachment points or loops for holding tools and equipment. We prioritize safety and compliance with industry standards and regulations and are committed to providing our customers with reliable and safe harness solutions. Choose Valley Wide Cooperative for access to top-quality harnesses that prioritize worker safety.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides bin tickets designed for efficient tracking and sorting of harvested fruit in orchards and vineyards. Our tags attach to individual bins or crates and contain important information such as the date of harvest, fruit type, and farm name. With our bin tickets, orchard and vineyard owners can maintain accurate records, comply with industry standards, and manage the harvesting process with ease.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides essential cutting tools for orchard and vineyard work. Our range includes shears, pruners, and snips, each designed to serve a specific purpose in plant maintenance. Our tools are of high quality and are guaranteed to help you maintain healthy and productive plants. Trust us to provide the right tools for your needs.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers a range of cutting tools designed for orchard and vineyard work, including loppers and handsaws. Loppers are an essential tool for pruning thicker branches, enabling you to reach branches that cannot be accessed with shears. Our handsaws are perfect for cutting thicker branches and trunks of trees and shrubs. These tools are designed to help you maintain healthy and productive plants in your orchard or vineyard.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers a range of ladders essential for orchard and vineyard work. Ladders provide safe access to hard-to-reach areas of trees and vines, enabling pruning, thinning, harvesting, and maintenance tasks to be carried out effectively. Trust us to provide high-quality ladders that ensure the safety and efficiency of your orchard or vineyard work.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers a variety of bamboo and grow tubes, two essential tools for orchard and vineyard work. Bamboo provides the necessary support and stability for young trees and vines, ensuring their healthy growth and development. Meanwhile, our grow tubes offer protection from harsh weather and pests, as well as creating a microclimate that promotes healthy growth. Our bamboo and grow tubes are high-quality and durable, ensuring that they will last through multiple growing seasons.


Valley Wide Cooperative provides high-quality wire, twine, and tape for orchard and vineyard needs. Our wire is ideal for trellising, twine for support, and tape for grafting and marking. With these tools, you can ensure proper tree and vine growth, leading to a productive and healthy orchard or vineyard.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers high-quality grafting supplies for orchard and vineyard growers. These tools are crucial for creating new plant varieties or repairing damaged trees or vines. With our top-quality grafting supplies, you can ensure successful grafting efforts and achieve a productive and diverse orchard or vineyard.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers high-quality reflective film for orchard and vineyard growers seeking a reliable and effective solution to support their trellis system. Our film is sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring durability and improved crop yields. By choosing to purchase from Valley Wide Cooperative, growers can trust they are investing in a proven solution that optimizes light exposure for healthy growth and maximized yields.


Valley Wide Cooperative locations

Our O&V products are available for purchase at our Grandview and Sunnyside farm store locations, and can be shipped to any of our stores for in-store pick up. We offer a wide selection of high-quality products to meet the unique needs of orchard and vineyard growers. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a smooth purchasing experience. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or click below to see all Valley Wide Cooperative locations.

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