Our Story

Since 1920 Valley Wide Cooperative (VWC) has empowered agricultural members to increase their bargaining power and gain market share to achieve economies of scale through its four divisions of business: Agronomy, Energy, Feed, and Farm Supply Stores.

Headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, Valley Wide Cooperative provides more than 60 communities with high-quality products and services, and a strong sense of community. With 24 agronomy locations, 18 retail stores, 15 propane plants and a feed center; farmers, ranchers and growers in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming benefit from monetary membership returns and affordable pricing.

We take pride in serving those within our community. To date, we have donated more than a million dollars in the form of scholarships, grants and donations.


Valley Wide Coop is successful largely because of the people who make up our team. We strive to provide the best customer experience, and are always trying to find ways in which we can make the experience better.

Dave Holtom

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Locke

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Mapes

Chief Operating Officer


Greg Lierman

Vice President & General Manager, Valley Ag


Gaven Gregory

Executive Vice President, Retail


Jake Searle

Executive Vice President of Operations


George Barron

Vice President Human Resources & EHS

Richard Gallegos

Director of Information Systems

Brad Barnes

Director of Credit & Account Services


Joe Carson

Senior Project Manager


Valley Wide Cooperative and Valley Agronomics, LLC strive to create positive work environments within our growing companies. We offer competitive wages and benefits packages for eligible employees, as well as room for advancement with many positions. We believe strongly in these four pillars; Mission Focused, Flexibility, Career Development and safety and Security.

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  • Mission Focused

    To provide quality products and services at a value both the company and customer enjoy. We do this with respect to the communities we do business in and the environments that we impact.

  • Career Development

    We develop from within, through a wide range of training and support.

  • Flexibility

    We offer a wide variety of flexible work arrangements to foster a collaborative, productive work environment.

  • Safety & Security

    Safety is more than just a priority at Valley Wide – it is a core value and an integral part of our culture. Protecting the safety of our workforce is fundamental to our business.

Open Positions

As a leading Agriculture company in the Pacific Northwest, we believe employees play an important role in the growth and success of Valley Wide Cooperative. If you are seeking a challenging role in a fast-paced and aggressive organization, click button below to see ADP’s website for all of our open positions.

Forms / Applications

Please click on the below hyperlink that you are needing. This will open a browser to adobe for an electronic signature.

The packets above include the following forms:

Step 1. Application (Credit Application used to establish a line of credit with Valley Wide Cooperative or Valley Agronomy) – credit report will be pulled –

    • a. Personal (account under an individual name)
    • b. Business (account under a business name)

Step 2. St – 101 Tax Exempt (Optional)

Step 3. Membership/Patronage Application (Optional)
This is an optional form that will make you a member/patronage. Members & Patronage will both receive annual dividends based off Fiscal year sales of 09/01 – 08/31 starting the previous year. The ONLY difference between a Member & a Patron is:

    • Members get to vote & qualify for a yearly meeting – to qualify as a member you MUST be in production of agriculture products, or lessees, tenants, lessors, or landlords of ag production properties.

CFN Fuel Card Agreement Existing accounts

(Optional) – Must complete step one first.

    • This can be used at 50,000 + locations across the nation, those transactions will bill to your Valley Co-op Credit Account.

Claiming Equities for Deceased
If you have received a Patronage/Member check and wish to claim the equities for a deceased spouse/parent/child or loved one. You will need to supply a copy of the following:

    • Death Certificate
    • Funeral Program
    • Obituary

*If you are not the spouse you will also need to send a copy of documentation showing the right of administration of decedent affairs*

If you would like to download the documents and then send them it back to us the following are acceptable methods of application/form submissions.

  • Email – Scan a copy and send to
  • Fax – Send to (208) 466-8449
  • Mail – Send to 2114 North 20th Street Nampa, Idaho 83687