Commodity Price Change
Corn Futures,Sep-2017 341.75 1.50
Feeder Cattle Futures,Oct-2017 155.43 0.00
Sugar No. 11 (World) Futures,O 13.54 0.00
Live Cattle Futures,Jun-2017 120.20 -1.10
Wheat Sep 17 428.25 -2.25
Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures,J 43.23 0.11
Wheat Futures,Sep-2017 428.25 -2.25

*Pricing is updated every 24 hours.


Valley Wide Cooperative actively supports our local communities.

We are passionate about agriculture, serving our communities, and our customers. Although not exclusively limited to agriculture, donations typically are given to organizations that are affiliated or involved with agriculture. Valley Wide Cooperative also contributes to local organizations, educational groups, and youth groups that take place in the areas that we serve. Unfortunately, Valley Wide Cooperative is not able to donate to all organizations.

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Valley Wide Coop is continually involved in the communities we do business in, in many ways. One way in which we stay involved is through sponsorship of events.

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