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After reviewing the job description for the position to which you have applied, are you able to perform the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation?
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Have any of your prior employers ever disciplined you including, but not limited to, a written warning, suspension, demotion, or termination of your employment?
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If so, please explain each incident by providing the date of occurrence, disciplinary action taken, facts surrounding the action; e.g., specific policy violation or performance issue; and the name of the employer.
It is critical that the applicant be upfront in his or her response so that the Company can assess the significance of the prior action. Failure to provide full disclosure may result in disqualification from employment consideration, or if hired, termination.
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This Employment Application is used to notify me that the nature and scope of an investigation, if one is conducted, could include such general identification information as residence verification, and, as applicable, information concerning my employment, education, general reputation, character, and that such information may be developed through personal interviews with third parties. Only job-related information developed from such a report will be considered in evaluating my employment application or continued employment. I hereby authorize these persons, companies, organizations or corporations to answer all questions or release any information regarding the items listed in this paragraph. I hereby release them from any liability and hold them harmless from any claim for releasing any truthful information within their knowledge and/or records authorize the Company to release to any person, firm, entity or organization with which I may seek employment in the future, any truthful information concerning my work experience with the Company. I hereby release and hold the Company harmless from any claim for releasing any truthful information within its knowledge and/or records. I understand that any job offer that may be extended to me will be contingent upon the successful completion of a drug and alcohol test. I certify that the answers given by me to the foregoing questions and during any interviews are true and correct without material omissions, and understand that, if employed, omissions and/or false statements on this application or during any interviews may result in dismissal. I understand and acknowledge that, if hired, my employment is for no definite period and either the Employer or I may terminate our relationship at will at any time, without notice or any reason, and that this employment application does not constitute an employment contract. I have had an opportunity to have my questions about this statement's content and intent answered and understand its terms. Signature Of Applicant
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