Eric Beck Memorial Scholarship

Valley Wide Cooperative is pleased to announce the 14th annual presentation of eleven, $1,000 scholarships to High School students who are related to a member of Valley Wide Cooperative and will graduate in the spring of 2020 as part of the Eric Beck Memorial Scholarship fund. We feel an obligation not only to promote the advancement of education but to add to the benefits of being a member of Valley Wide Cooperative and direct those benefits to the children of our members.

Giving Back to the Community... Investing in the Future

Valley Wide Cooperative is committed to investing in the future of our member’s communities through education and leadership development.


  • Any accredited school or area of study will be considered
  • ​Must be a high school senior graduating in the spring of 2020
  • Parents or Grandparents must be Members of Valley Wide Cooperative

Application instructions:

  • Have a high school counselor or administrator fill out the Academic Status Verification form (PDF available for download below). Home schoolers welcome with parents signature verifying curriculum and class standing on the Academic Status Verification form
  • Fill out the electronic application below and upload a scanned copy of the completed Academic Status Verification form with it

Applications must be submitted by March 20th, 2020 to be considered.

*Before filling out the form below, you will need to print the Academic Status Verification to be filled out by your school counselor or administrator, or if you are being home schooled, by your parent. Then upload a scanned copy or picture of it within the provided field in the electronic form below.

If yes to the previous question, what is their account number?
Upload Completed Academic Status Verification
Which major are you planning to study? How does that relate to your future goals? If you are undecided, what factors will you consider when choosing a major?
Please describe any leadership, volunteer or extracurricular related programs or projects in which you have been involved in high school, community or elsewhere.
Please use this area to write or paste a small essay about the following questions
1. In your opinion, what do you consider to be the most challenging issue(s) that your country faces as it relates to your home town, community, or way of life?
2. Who were/are the most influential people in your life and in what way did they influence you?
3. Please describe your parents, grandparents, or your family's involvement in Valley Wide Cooperative.
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