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Stop hassling with constant price increases and different sales technicians each time you work with your propane, fuel, and lubricant companies. Valley Wide Cooperative has hired local technicians to serve you. Call us today or fill out the form below to place an order or get a quote on energy services. Don’t forget to ask us about savings that are available in your area!

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Residential Propane

Valley Wide Cooperative is the #1 distributor of propane in the state of Idaho, and your #1 choice for residential propane. We offer automatic propane delivery service to prevent you from running out of propane. Valley Wide Cooperative offers propane appliance repair, installations of underground and above ground tanks, propane tank rentals and propane safety checks. Contact your local Valley Wide energy expert today and make the switch that matters

Commercial Propane

Did you know that propane fuel is a less expensive route than fuel or diesel? Did you know that propane combustion emits fewer pollutants? With Valley Wide Cooperative, you will be working with our local certified technicians to help design and install your new propane systems. Our technicians are also available to troubleshoot your current propane products.

Refined Fuels

Valley Wide Cooperative delivers the highest quality fuel at cost-effective pricing. In addition to pump services at many of our Valley Wide Country Store locations, we provide bulk fuel delivery to farms, job sites, and more. Valley Wide Cooperative has trained specialists with years of industry knowledge and experience to help you with all of your fuel needs. We offer delivery in Western Idaho, Southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, and Eastern Oregon. Valley Wide Cooperative delivers fuel to farm, ranch, construction, and industrial sites.

Bulk Fuel Services:

  1. Fuel Tank Delivery and Placement
  2. Fuel management
  3. Tank Monitor Placement
  4. Keep Full Program

Fuel Products (Available for bulk delivery and at the majority of our Valley Country Store Locations):

E-10 – 85 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
E-10 – 87 Octane Midgrade Gasoline
E-10 – 91 Octane Premium Gasoline
At some locations we offer a Non Ethanol Blended 92 Octane Premium Gasoline

Premium Diesel
Dyed Off-Road Diesel

Fuel Stations, Lubricants, and Oils

Valley Wide Cooperative supplies bulk lubricants and oils in the state of Idaho and surrounding areas. We offer our customers competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Valley Wide Cooperative distributes Cenex & Phillips/Conoco lubricants and oils. We also offer a selection of engine oil, hydraulic fluids, gear lube, transmission fluid, DEF, a large selection of greases, and many more products to help you with all your needs.

Bulk Lube Products: Click on the links below to learn more about lubes Valley Wide Cooperative offers via Cenex and Phillips 66:

Propane Tank Exchange

Valley Wide Cooperative takes pride in its propane employees and customers. We offer over 20 propane locations with 86 employees who are excited to serve you! Customer service is our number one priority, and our trained personnel are available 24/7 to serve all your propane emergency needs. As the largest propane supplier in the state of Idaho, we are ready to serve you.

Valley Wide Cooperative Energy has competitive pricing, and our excellent customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Valley Wide Cooperative’s employees are trained with the latest knowledge to best serve you.


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Soda Springs: 208-547-2555
Thayne, WY: 307-883-2979

Fuel Cube

We provide above ground fuel tanks built for onsite equipment refueling or backup fuel supply for your business or farm. Our energy experts will work with you to find a solution for all of your fuel needs.


  • Easily Stackable
  • Easy to move with fork lift
  • Plumbing allows for tech upgrades (Monitors/Fuel Cloud Management)
  • Control access with lockable equipment cabinet

Call one of our local energy experts for solutions to your fuel needs:

Tyler Harker
Energy Sales Manager

Rich Howard
Energy Sales – Magic Valley

Zane Amy
Energy Sales – Treasure Valley

Scott Kirwan
Energy Sales – Southeast Idaho

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