Rules, Terms, and Instructions

We are excited to introduce SocialWise, the program which allows you to contribute content to the company’s Social Media posts. We know that two minds (or more) are better than one, and that we have a lot of talent and creativity in the company. That is why we want your help in submitting content for potential use in social media.
Here’s how it works:

Who can participate?

Anyone within the company may participate. However, senior level management and individuals within marketing cannot win the prepaid Visa gift cards, even though they may submit content for the program.

How do I participate?

1.    Submit a picture, video, URL, and/or text to, or upload it to If the total size of the submission is larger than 15MB, you will have to upload it to the Dropbox folder. A caption is not required for pictures and videos, if naming the file(s) is sufficient to describe anything that is not apparent. Also, include which division of the company you work in, if it is not apparent in the content submitted.
2.    Make sure submitted content is equivalent to PG rated or better. If there are any questions about the appropriateness of submissions, please direct them to the marketing department.
3.    After the content is submitted, it is reviewed for quality, appropriateness, and fit.
4.    If the content is approved for use, it will be scheduled out according to needs.
5.    At the beginning of each month, winners of the prepaid gift cards will be announced based on the criteria mentioned below.

When can I beginning submitting content?


What kind of content are we looking for?

Really anything related to what you do at the company, things that happen while working, or anything that may be relevant to help customers know we are more than just robots. However, there are some basic themes we go with every day for each of the brands:

Valley Wide Coop:
Monday: Funny memes created by you (original content)
Tuesday: Scenic/historic pictures of our service areas
Wednesday: Partner company article or re-post of partner social media post
Thursday: Throwback Thursdays (info about the history of the company)
Friday: Energy Tip of the week or tid-bits of info related to energy

Valley Agronomics:
Tuesday: Scenic/historic pictures of our service area
Wednesday: Partner company article or re-post of partner social media post
Thursday: Ag tip of the week
Friday: Employee spotlight, farm fact, or ag fact

Valley Country Store:
Monday: Funny memes created by you (original content)
Tuesday: Promote a product, brand, or product category
Wednesday: Sale ad, news, or partner company re-post
Thursday: Quotes (especially farm and ranch related)
Friday: Secret Saturday Sale
Saturday: Employee Spotlight

For some examples of the posts made using these general themes, see our Facebook accounts for each brand (Valley Country StoreValley Wide CooperativeValley Agronomics). These themes are meant to give you ideas of content you could submit, but you should not feel constrained to them, since what you come up with may be a category/theme we may want to change to, based on the amount of engagement we get.

How to win Prepaid Visa gift card(s)?

There are two possibilities of winning a Visa Prepaid gift card:
  1. $25 prepaid Visa gift card for the individual with the highest number of approved posts, posted within a month, which contain content submitted by them.
  2. $50 prepaid Visa gift card for the individual with the most amount of engagement* on a single post containing content they submitted.


  • Participation is completely voluntary, and the privilege may be revoked by the location manager or marketing department, for reasons which include, but are not limited to, abuse, inappropriate behavior, or neglecting position responsibilities.
  • Maximum of 40 submissions per month per individual.
  • Image quality must be good to excellent. No cloudy images (i.e. dirty lens), unless purposeful. Resolution must be a minimum of 1024px x 768px.
  • Both gift cards may be won by the same individual, if they have met the qualifications.
  • The monthly winner of either, or both, of the gift cards cannot be the same for more than 3 consecutive months. In such an event, second place will be chosen on the following month.
  • In the event of a tie for either of the gift cards, a random drawing of the two winners will occur.
  • *Engagement on posts is measured in total number of likes (like, love, laugh, etc.), comments, and shares (share, retweet, repost, etc.) made by anyone other than the submitter.
  • Any part of this program may be changed at any time.

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