Valley Agronomics Precision Ag Services Recognized for Customer Service

Precision Ag Services Pacific Northwest - Valley Ag
(Above) Valley agronomists Laurel Herrling and Jake Shelburne

The Valley Agronomics precision ag team is gaining national attention for their outstanding customer service. In a recent article for Precision Ag, a publication focused on the latest news and trends in precision agriculture services, author Matthew Grassi brings the spotlight to the Northwest. He spent time with Connor Lankford, the Precision Ag Manager of Valley Ag, to see firsthand what our ag team provides to farmers. His experience showed him a precision ag program that not only offers farmers a vast array of tools to increase yields and ROIs, but an unending commitment between crop advisors and precision specialists to provide top-notch customer service. In his article, Grassi praises the focus on service Valley Ag provides, saying,

"... every company under the sun these days claims to be 'service-first,' but after spending the day with Lankford and his crew, I believe I witnessed a whole new level of what that phrase means in the real world."

The article additionally praises the structure of the Platinum Precision Subscription as a cost-effective way to incorporate precision ag techniques into a grower's overall strategy. Building on the trust established between farmers and their agronomists over years of quality customer service, agronomists can honestly communicate the value of the Subscription program to existing customers. Perhaps Timm Adams, owner of Luke Adams Farm, a multi-generational customer of Valley Ag, puts the strong relationships built by our agronomists best when he mentions,

"'... while I would say some of the data analytics and the tool offerings and services to keep growers is a big part of why we stay with Valley — for example, if I’m rolled into a software program that makes my life easier or makes it where we think we can make better agronomic decisions, then that’s a hook for me to keep my business on dry fertilizer and chemicals with one organization — it really just comes down to personal trust with our agronomist for us.'"

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