Rexburg Valley Country Store Remodel

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Above: A computer-generated model of the Rexburg location after remodel is complete

If you are one of our many customers living in the Rexburg area, you’ve probably noticed a lot of activity happening at our Valley Country Store in that location. So what is going on and why is your friendly neighborhood Valley Country Store closed right now?
Our well-loved store in Rexburg is currently undergoing a big remodel, and construction has been underway since January, with staff and customers alike anxiously awaiting the unveiling of our brand new facility.
Why the Remodel?
Rexburg’s Valley Country Store originally opened as a brand new facility in 2003 to better serve the patrons of the Coop, making it around 15 years old in 2018. The store has performed very well over the years, and while it’s continued to do favorably we’ve received plenty of feedback from customers looking for more selection and services.
As a coop committed to the many communities in which we serve, our ultimate goal is to cater to members of the coop and the public at large in the best way possible. As we grow, our facility is now expanding to accommodate that growth, improving the overall customer experience.
What new developments are underway at the store in Rexburg?
  • MORE SPACE - Rexburg’s new facility will be 25,000 square feet; a significant expansion from the original 17,000 square foot space. We are adding 8,000 square feet, some of which will be warehouse space, with more than 5,000 square footage of retail store. Another addition will be 3,700 square footage of outside storage. As a high performing store, more space will enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.
  • MORE SELECTION – More space means more selection! Rexburg’s store will have a newly updated and attractive interior. More room means we have the ability to make more products available to customers. We hope that Valley Country Store will become a destination point for customers in the Rexburg area, where they can get everything they need in one place without having to travel further into the city.
  • BETTER BATHROOMS – For those who have frequented our store in Rexburg, you probably know how small the bathrooms were. The store will feature totally remodeled bathroom facilities, with bigger bathrooms and more toilets.
  • FOOD COURT – Rexburg’s Valley Country Store will feature an improved seating area for dining. The space will go from having 15 spots tucked in a corner, to a seating area with 30 spaces positioned next to windows with a view. The food selection will also feature more items.
  • UPDATED KITCHEN - The kitchen area will be more contained in a separated section. It used to cut down the middle of the store, and every time something was needed in the kitchen, staff had to walk across the entire store to retrieve it. Now the kitchen has its own specific space, meaning more efficiency when serving customers.
  • MODERN FUEL SYSTEM – We are completely redoing the fuel system. All dispensers are brand new and updated to meet modern payment technology, so customers will have the ability to use iPay with an iPhone (similar to our Crossroads location).
  • IMPROVED PARKING LOT – Rexburg’s location will have a completely new parking lot designed for more maneuverability. The RV Dump will be relocated for more accessibility, and propane tanks will be out of the high traffic areas to improve traffic flow.
“Folks should be really impressed with the updates in the convenience store area,” says our Project Manager for the Rexburg Remodel, Floyd Uria. “I think customers will be really excited about all of those developments: There will be a better food area, deli area, and just easier access to everything. They also won’t have to wait as long with picking up their product because of the way our storage is setup.” Uria is also committed to keeping as many aspects of the remodel project local. “When we go to an area and construct, we always try to ensure that we hire as many locals as possible. As part of a coop, we are committed to helping build up the communities where we do business.”
Jorja Bazil, who’s been Manager of the Rexburg Valley Country Store for 2 years, is most excited to see the reaction she will get from our customers. “We’ve had many express their wishes in the past for a bigger store with more selection,” Bazil says, “So it will be more of a one-stop-shop where they can get everything they need. We have a relationship with all of our customers, and they are anxiously waiting for the store to open back up. They say that they don’t want to go anywhere else, and that they want their Coop back!” As the store has doubled in size, she is looking forward to taking customers through the store once they re-open.

Completion for the remodel is set for May. The store will celebrate its brand-new facility in June with a Re-Grand Opening! We want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see the new facility and get everything they can from the event. Follow us on Facebook and other social media profiles as we post updates on our progress and announce the official date of the Re-Grand Opening.

This story appeared in the April 2018 "Life in the Valley" Quarterly Newsletter. To read more from the newsletter, click here.