Menan Fire Station Groundbreaking

Menan fire station ground breaking
Central Fire’s current commissioners turning the first shovels of dirt​. Individuals from right to left: Commissioners Mike Miller, Roger Anderson, Gordon Ball, Jim Deuel, and Dallin Gambles

Menan, Idaho - Last Friday, October 13th, 2017, Central Fire District hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Menan fire station. After traditionally posing for pictures with shovels, speeches were given by Menan Mayor Tad Haight and Chairman of the commissioners Roger Anderson. Commissioner Mike Miller presented the interesting history he had assembled of the Menan fire department, which was originally formed February 24th of 1948 and went through a series of reformations throughout the years.
Valley Wide Coop (formerly Menan Coop in that area before merging) has played a big part in the history of where the Menan Fire District finds itself today. The land the current building is on was purchased from Menan Coop in 1948 for $1.
“20 years ago this year, we were talking about this,” said Miller during his history presentation. “In 1997 when we were still just Menan Fire District and there was Jefferson Central Fire District, I remember being at a fire meeting one night - Boyd was fire commissioner at that time – and we were talking how we’ve outgrown this building. We were talking about how this building is too small for what we need, and we were looking into buying an additional fire truck.”
At the time, when they approached Menan Coop to buy the land, the Coop was looking to expand and not interested in selling the property. Because they still needed more resources, trucks, personnel, in 1998 they decided to join the Jefferson Central Fire District. In early 1999 Menan joined and became part of what is now known as the Central Fire District.
Last year Valley Wide Coop approached the commissioners and donated the land on which they will construct a new building. Miller went on to say, “It’s interesting that 20 years ago this summer we were out measuring to put a 100ft dome out here… and here it is now 2017, and we are putting a 100ft dome out here!”