Menan, Idaho – Valley Wide Cooperative and Valley Country Store donated the building previously being used as the Valley Country C-Store to the Menan area Central Fire District. Dave Holtom, CEO of Valley Wide Cooperative, presented the keys to the building to Fire District Commissioner Mike Miller. The building will be used for drills and training, after which, anything remaining will be torn down to make way for the construction of a new station. Construction on the new building will likely begin in spring of 2017. The current station only houses 3 vehicles, however, the new station will be much bigger and will likely be built to accommodate up to 6 vehicles.

Central Fire District has been around since 1982 and covers an area of 220 square mile and extends from the Snake River east of Roberts to the point at which Madison, Bonneville and Jefferson counties meet by Kelly Canyon. The Fire District has a total of 24 vehicles, three of which are in Menan. Fire fighters in the Central Fire District are paid call volunteers, meaning they only get paid when they go to fight a fire. The Menan Fire Station has been around for many generations and became part of the Central Fire District in February of 1999. The station covers Menan, but also helps provide assistance to Lewisville, Rigby, and Roberts when needed. “Valley Wide Cooperative is committed to serving the communities that we are located in. Being able to donate the old C-Store to the Fire District is an exciting opportunity for Valley Wide Cooperative to help the fire department of Menan to continue keep residents safe” commented Jason Pollard Director of Marketing for Valley Wide Cooperative. 

Individuals left to right: 
Fire Fighters Blaine Ker, Bryan Grover (Fire Chief), Adam Roads, Mitch Bingham, Nic White, Roy Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy, Jody Youngstrom, Courtney Youngstrom; Shaun Vanderlinden (Buying Manager of Valley Wide Coop), Lynn Hunter (Retail Area Division Manager of Valley Country Store), Donn Bordewyk (COO of Valley Wide Coop), Adam Clarke (Board Member of Valley Wide Coop), Bart Rigby (Board Member of Valley Wide Coop), Dave Holtom (CEO of Valley Wide Coop), Mike Miller (Fire District Commissioner), Jason Pollard (Director of Marketing for Valley Wide Coop), Fire Fighters and District Commissioners Roger Anderson, Dallin Anderson, Jim Deuel, Gordon Ball; Jeanne Walker (Asst. Manager of Menan Valley Country Store), Quinn Jones (Manager of Menan Valley Country Store), Fire Fighters Nate Bronson, Michael Riel, Jeanne Kerbs, Jim Kelly, Brandon Close