Whether your goal is increasing egg production, increasing the quality of the eggs and shells, or feeding your gamebirds, Valley Country Store has the feed you need for your birds.

Currently our birds are feeding off of Valley Wide Wheat and Ground Corn. Since we have made the switch to Valley Wide feed we have notices that our chickens are producing more eggs than before and their oyster shells are a lot harder. My chickens have maintained their health and they look fuller and healthier since we made that switch. There are a lot of different feeds out there that can be purchase but where we focus mostly on laying chickens the feed needs to provide them with the supplements in order to produce eggs. Valley Wide Feed has proven to be a success and our chickens like the mixture we give them. We would recommend anyone starting out or wanting to produce more eggs to try the feeds that are available through the Valley Country Store. 
-Bruce Moser

See below for a few of our products.  if you are not finding what you are looking for or have questions regarding which feed is best for your unique situation, our feed experts will help you choose the right feed or create the right custom blend that fits your needs.


Valley Country's propietary blends are formulated to maximize the health of your birds and increase your egg production. If what you are looking for is not shown below, or you are not sure which would be best for your circumstance, please click here to contact us so we can help you choose the right feed, or if needed, help create the right custom blend that fits your needs.


Valley Wide Cooperative offers a wide variety of all-natural poultry feeds, supplements and treats that contain sun-grown grains, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals from today's top brands.*
Purina Organic Starter Grower

Purina® Organic Starter-Grower

A nutritious, wholesome complete feed for young laying chickens, ducks and geese from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks).

Purina Layena plus

Purina Layena® Plus Omega-3

Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and nutritious eggs. A 16%-protein high-calcium ration fortified with Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil formulated for top-producing laying hens once they reach 18 weeks of age.

Purina Layer Crumbles

Purina® Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles

Purina® Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles provide a balanced and complete diet with 16% protein for feeding organic laying hens. This product has been certified organic by the USDA.


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