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We offer a wide variety of horse feed to maintain your horse's health, increase longevity and provide nutritious supplements.

When my husband was alive, we had hundreds of horses on our ranch. My husband came up with a specific blend of feed that was given to the stallions and mares, which was a balanced blend to provide the vitamins and minerals they needed. Valley Wide Cooperative was able to produce this custom feed blend, which we have used for many years. I wouldn’t feed the horses anything else. -Marilyn Dagley

See below for a few of our proprietary  blends and other equine products.  if you are not finding what you are looking for or have questions regarding which feed is best for your horse, our feed experts will help you choose the right feed or create the right custom blend that fits your needs.


Valley Country's proprietary blends are formulated to maximize the health of your individual horse or herd. If what you are looking for is not shown below, or you are not sure which would be best for your circumstance, contact us via email or phone. 

3 in 1 dry

Horse feed designed for all classes of livestock. Crude Protein 11%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude Fiber 8%, Calcium Max 0.10%, Calcium Min 0.16%, and Phosphorus 0.3%.

Other Formulas

  • Rolled Barley

    Feed to all classes of Livestock. Crude Protein 12%, Crude Fat 2.1%, Crude Fiber 7.0%, Calcium Min 0.04%, Calcium Max 0.06%, and Phosphorus Min 0.41%

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Valley Wide Cooperative offers a wide range of lamb & goat feed and supplements for best possible nutrition.*


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feeding basics for horses miniature horses and ponies

Katie Young, Ph.D.
Senior Nutritionist & Product Manager, Equine Technical Solutions, Purina

For horses, miniature horses and ponies to perform their best, they need the correct nutritional building blocks. Just like people, all equines need protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy (calories) to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work

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Science and Innovation Behind purina horse feed

Kelly Vineyard, M.S., Ph.D.
Senior Nutritionist, Equine Technical Solutions, Purina

Mary Beth Gordon, Ph.D.
Director of Equine Research and New Product Development

Our passion for horses and their health, along with our keen interest in nutritional science, is steeped in history and exemplified by our exclusive state-of-the-art equine research farm.


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