Forms / Applications

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The packets above include the following forms:

Step 1. Application (Credit Application used to establish a line of credit with Valley Wide Cooperative or Valley Agronomy) – credit report will be pulled –

    • a. Personal (account under an individual name)
    • b. Business (account under a business name)

Step 2. St – 101 Tax Exempt (Optional)

Step 3. Membership/Patronage Application (Optional)
This is an optional form that will make you a member/patronage. Members & Patronage will both receive annual dividends based off Fiscal year sales of 09/01 – 08/31 starting the previous year. The ONLY difference between a Member & a Patron is:

    • Members get to vote & qualify for a yearly meeting – to qualify as a member you MUST be in production of agriculture products, or lessees, tenants, lessors, or landlords of ag production properties.

CFN Fuel Card Agreement Existing accounts

(Optional) – Must complete step one first.

    • This can be used at 50,000 + locations across the nation, those transactions will bill to your Valley Co-op Credit Account.

Claiming Equities for Deceased
If you have received a Patronage/Member check and wish to claim the equities for a deceased spouse/parent/child or loved one. You will need to supply a copy of the following:

    • Death Certificate
    • Funeral Program
    • Obituary

*If you are not the spouse you will also need to send a copy of documentation showing the right of administration of decedent affairs*

If you would like to download the documents and then send them it back to us the following are acceptable methods of application/form submissions.

  • Email – Scan a copy and send to
  • Fax – Send to (208) 466-8449
  • Mail – Send to 2114 North 20th Street Nampa, Idaho 83687


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