Board Member Election Message

The following is the letter that was sent out to all members regarding the Board election.

Dear Member of Valley Wide Cooperative,

Democratic control of your cooperative is one of the key principles of the cooperative system.  Your vote is important to elect the most qualified individuals to the board of directors that will represent the membership and provide direction and control of Valley Wide Cooperative.

Find enclosed voting materials that allow qualified members to cast their ballot in this year’s election. 
The Valley Wide Cooperative trade area is divided into three districts:

    District 1    Treasure Valley 
    District 2    Magic Valley 
    District 3    Eastern Idaho/Utah 

Elections are conducted by district and the enclosed ballot should be appropriate to the area in which your operation or residence is located.  Contact us if you feel that a mailing error has been made.

Only qualified members should exercise their vote.  In the normal course of business an individual or operation might change qualification status due to retirement or change in business plan.  A qualified member must be actively engaged in the production of agricultural products or an agricultural producer using supplies handled by or through the Cooperative.  This requirement would include agricultural land owners who receive as rent a part of the agricultural crop raised, even if they do not otherwise produce crops themselves.  Cash lease land owners who do not produce agricultural products are not eligible to vote.   Minimum business volume of $2500 in the past year with Valley Wide Cooperative is required to maintain qualified member status.  If you feel that you are no longer qualified to vote, please refrain from voting and contact us so that we can update our records.

Find enclosed biographical information on the candidates for the board position in your district.  Mark your ballot for the candidate of your choice and enclose the completed ballot in the smaller envelope.  Seal the ballot envelope and sign your name on the ballot envelope, then place the ballot envelope in the self-addressed mailing envelope.  Postage is not required.  YOUR BALLOT MUST BE MARKED AND YOUR NAME MUST APPEAR ON THE BALLOT ENVELOPE FOR YOUR VOTE TO BE COUNTED.



Election results will be announced at the annual district meetings beginning January 30, 2018. Look for an announcement soon regarding the District Meeting in your area.

Thank you for your support of Valley Wide Cooperative and the cooperative system.